(a) Audit

Here we accomplish all fire safety and industrial safety audits like for new expansions or fitness/ shortcomings in old system. We have qualified and rich experienced people and faculties who have been doing this for decades. In this exercise our team visit with a prefixed schedule and submit complete formatted report in detail like-existing, required, to be added, to be amended with a commercial offer. Different people visit for different jobs as per their expertise. Charges depend on size of work and distance of location from our registered office.

(b) Inspection

This activity is little smaller than above. Here one or two sales or technical person visit the site and just give a brief idea on what is required. This is not a detailed study or investigation. It is like first visit to patient and told very briefly on what tests etc are required to get fit. It may be done in phases also. Very nominal charges are sufficient for this to get done. At least one gets to know the next step.

(c) Trainings

We have arrangements of all types of safety trainings like Fire safety, First Aid, PPE etc. We have qualified and experienced people in team to deliver these teams. Trainers are members of reputed organizations like FSAI etc.

(d) Refilling / Repairs & Spares

Many clients just get the site inspected by us and rest their own staff takes care of it but we do support many esteem clients in supplying and fixing of all refills, spares and repairs provided it is identified in terms of type/ size/ make and quantity or it becomes a job of inspection first then execution separately.

(e) Annual Maintenance Contract (All Above)

We are available for AMC of all types of fire safety systems and equipments used in industry with or without permanent manpower at site. We always suggest to visit site on monthly frequency for maintaining the system/ equipments and have a rate contract for spares, refills and repairs.

(f) Man Power (Like, Fire Officers)

We supply qualified, fresh and experienced firemen, fire officers and fire safety managers also.