If we talk projects, it starts from designing and consultancy and goes on till we handover the project to operation or maintenance team. Again it is required to mention why ‘WE’. We have qualified and experienced team for every small work in project related to our subject. Our teams in all segments work very professionally. Our installation team uses all safety devices like helmets, shoes etc and wear jackets so that they can be identified from far. There are many systems/ functions in fire suppression as listed below and you can choose any you want to know. We always request our clients to let us know complete quantities with specifications and makes so that we can support in making those if asked. We have all basic tax registrations like VAT, Service Tax and TIN No etc. We have registration in Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan.

(a) Designing and Consultancy

We select the design, quantities and makes etc according to hazard of site keeping in mind the ground practical situation and rules of NBC/ TAC. We do not just copy/ cut and paste. We prefer to visit the site and meet our clients to know their opinions before the final design. For all this, we request our esteem clients to provide us with reasonable time and charges so that we can prepare the best safety design for the site so that at the time of execution there is no delay or change. More we sweat on planning less we bleed on execution.

(b) Hydrant System

(c) Sprinkler System

(d) Alarm System

(e) Gas Suppression System (Co2/FM-200)

(f) Fire Doors

(g) Fire Barrier Curtains